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  • This is a FREE product. - enjoy!
  • Remember to use "Too Noisy Online Free" you will need the following:
    • A PC or MAC (not tablets or smart phones). We have a specific version of "Too Noisy" for mobile devices.
    • Either Google Chrome or Opera web browsers. These browsers allow access to your devices microphone.
    • When prompted (on first use) click to allow the app access to your devices microphone... you do needworking microphone attached/installed to your PC or MAC.

and that's about it, if you have any questions/feedback regarding "Too Noisy Free" you will be able to email us from inside the app!

oh and if the app works well for you we would really appreciate it if you could share it on social helps get the word out!

Too Noisy Free Online is a very new product so below we have included testimonials for both the Free and Pro versions as well as Mobile and Web App versions of the app. We have indicated which version/platform each testimonial refers to in [square brackets]

“I rolled it out with my class as soon as we finished our standardized testing this a.m. They (and I) loved it! It's so much easier to use with a bigger 'platform' than my phone or iPad. I've had a Yacker Tracker for years, but started using Too Noisy Pro about 2 years ago, and have had much better results with it.”

Cathy Seaton - 1st Grade General Ed teacher, Wadsworth Elementary, palm Coast, Florida, USA. [Too Noisy Pro - Web App (Pre-release version)]

“My biggest concern was if the kids were going to use Too Noisy as a game, and try to set the alarm off immediately. I was also skeptical about the sensitivity settings. Both concerns are now a non issue. "The students respect the app and the sensitivity settings work great! My classroom was getting out of control noisy and the red, yellow, green stop lights from most teacher stores with sound sensitivity are upwards of 100$. Now the Kids are focused, work gets done quicker, I keep my sanity with low noise levels in class. I'd recommend this app to any elementary teacher! It's so much easier to conference with kids when the class is at an appropriate noise level.”

Bryan Iversen - Teaches First grade at the American School in Rio de Janeiro [Too Noisy Pro - Mobile version]

“Great app for my class of English language learners, helps them modulate the loudness of their voice without correction from me. ”

Mike06082 [Too Noisy Pro - Mobile version]

“My students now ask me to put this app up on our projection screen so they can self monitor their noise level. When we work on projects the conversations can get loud without the students knowing how loud they've gotten. I teach 5th grade.”

Kmgg [Too Noisy Pro - Mobile version]

“Extremely Effective I recommend this for anyone with children! I work with a group of children under the age of 3 and things can get pretty noisy. I gave this app a go and what a complete change! The noise level dropped completely and every child took responsibility for the amount of noise they (or others) made! I was amazed that children with challenging behaviour were calm, collected and aware of their choices! This app is an essential in the room!”

Aidzy1 [Too Noisy Pro - Mobile version]

“Must have for Teachers My pre-k, kindergarten, and lower elementary school English students in Japan respond extremely well to this app! It really has been a teacher's helper over the last year. It helps the teacher control the amount of noise in the class room while saving his or own voice. I Have been in contact with the developer and am looking forward to taking his other apps for a spin! Great concept and execution! Thank you!”

3rd Digit [Too Noisy Pro - Mobile version]

“I love this app. It just works!”

Julie [Too Noisy Pro - Mobile version]


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Too Noisy Online (Free version)