Ebay Marketing Course

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eBay is a unique business model because you hardly need to invest anything in order to start making money from it. When you know which products are in high-demand and where to find them, you’ll be able to maximize your returns and create a thriving eBay business in no time. In this online course your instructor Stephen Lennox ( eBay “Power Seller” ) will take you through his proven step-by-step blueprint for creating and eBay income system.

Course Programme

• How to start making money on eBay with little to no investment
• How to find the most wildly profitable niche markets that generate massive margins
• How to source red-hot, in-demand products that generate bumper profits!
• How to work out your profits before you buy the product with our easy-to-use profit calculator form
• How to make a profit in your very first month
• The cash-sucking products you must avoid if you want to maximise your profit potential immediately
• How to source and purchase hugely profitable products from overseas at knockdown prices.
• Learn a time-tested and proven technique for negotiating the best prices from sellers
• How to correctly list an item to maximise sales
• How to structure your ad correctly
• What time of day to list your product for maximise results
• Keywords proven to attract targeted hungry buyers
• How to AUTOMATE your entire eBay business
• How to create a ‘bidding frenzy’ on your products to drive up the price
• How to drive more traffic towards your products


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Ebay Marketing Course

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