Real Estate Entrepreneurs Program Monthly Membership

$1.00 USD every month

Welcome, Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

You now have access to your first training unit specifically designed to teach you the fundamentals of the real estate business while giving you actionable, real-world strategies you can use to make money as a real estate entrepreneur.

Over the course of the next 12 months, you will learn the three core elements of the real estate business:

  1. How to find the deal
  2. How to fund the deal
  3. How to exit the deal

But your training goes beyond white boards and videos. You will also be able to download scripts and sample contracts you can use as you are building your real estate business.

That means whether you decide to become a real estate investor, property locator, or rehabber, you will have the knowledge and tactics you need to build a five-, six-, or seven-figure real estate business.  I wish you the best. I'll see you at the top. -Toyin


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Real Estate Entrepreneurs Program Monthly Membership

Real Estate Entrepreneurs Program by GIC

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