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By signing up as a DELUXE MEMBER (our BEST VALUE) for TIME TRAVEL EDUCATION, you can look forward to learning unique information from a perspective that you will not find elsewhere.  Specifically, you will be getting an inside look at Peter Moon's research and the fascinating characters he has dealt with in the last three decades.  Your support is appreciated and necessary to enable further research and adventures.  You are also free to contact Peter Moon at to share your input. 

AS THIS OFFER INCLUDES A FREE COPY OF TRANSYLVANIA MOONRISE (applies to U.S. addresses only - international customers will get the book if they make separate shipping payment - write to to make arrangements) you will need to provide your address and phone number.

Becoming a DELUXE MEMBER (paid subscribership) will give you access to videos and podcasts, including Peter Moon's video series "Time Travel Theory Explained" including new videos on the Time Reactor (#8 includes the actual patent filed for the Time Reactor and #9 includes an explanarion of how the Time Reactor works). Also featured are two books currently in progess that Peter Moon is working on: (Stardust — An Initiation Into Time and L. Ron Hubbard — The Tao of Insanity). You are welcome to share your input and comment as the books are completed. You also will get full access to ALL BACK ISSUES of the Montauk Pulse newsletter (currently over 550 pages), plus you will have access to the quarterly newsletter as each is written. Plus more.

You can also sign up as a FREE MEMBER (click: FREE MEMBERSHIP which will give you access to a limited number of videos, podcasts, etc. as well as some new material that will be circulated from time to time or you can subscribe on a monthly basis if that is preferable: MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP



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FREE BOOK WITH Annual Deluxe Membership ( = $67 discount)

Time Travel Education Center

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Customer understands that this offer applies for U.S. customers only and as customer will receive a free book, this offer is non-refundable and customer must provide a United States address and phone number.  Sky Books will send one copy of "Transylvania Moonrise" via media mail and will absorb the shipping charge.

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