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The Free beta is for a limited time. 


What People Are Saying:

“If you’re ready to face your tech-phobia’s and be empowered with social media, Afton’s stuff will do just that! I’ve done a few notable online marketing courses but, this course covered ‘foundational’ tools that were missing and critical for all solo-preneurs! I wish I would have had these tools a year ago!”

Teresa C.

“As a small business owner the amount of tools, tips and tricks are a bit overwhelming. Afton’s course cut through the rhetoric and helped me determine what works and what’s a waste of my time and money. With Afton’s guidance, I’ve incorporated the tools and streamlined my workflow.”

Julia H.

“Amazing course, be brave – hang onto your seat – and take this amazing ride. So much to learn and all delivered professionally in a way even I could understand. ”

Wendy L.


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Social Proof Collective Mastermind (Beta)

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Membership Fees and Cancellation

This membership is free during the beta version of the Social Proof Collective and will be available at no cost for a limited time. After this period, you will be requested to upgrade your membership to a monthly payment plan and the beta period and version will end. At that time, all lessons will no longer be available in the beta version. Members can cancel at any time by contacting

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