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By being our "champion" you will be able to help support and spread the word about the upcoming release of I'll Push You in select theaters on November 2nd and help support the Muscular Dystrophy Association fight all types of neuromuscular diseases.


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I'll Push You: Champions Portal

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By signing up to be a I'll Push You "Champion", you agree that you will abide by all terms and conditions set forth on this website. You will do the best that you can to help promote and create awareness for the release of I'll Push You through your own personal channels such as (but not limited to): email, social media platforms, networking opportunities and any other appropriate avenue you deem fit. You agree that you will represent the mission of I'll Push You in a positive and productive manner. You also agree that you will not SPAM anyone by either purchasing a list or sharing through other platforms which negate antispam laws. Basically, just be a really cool person and help spread the word!