Psychic Money Reading

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  • Clear out your most ingrained money block
  • Get aligned to money so you can start receiving more now
  • Start attracting the financial success you know you are capable of earning but haven't yet
  • Watch the magic happen and keep it happening so you can tap into your financial wealth now and forever more
  • Cellular activation of wealth consciousness - step out of the poverty trap for good
  • Find out when you will receive your money
  • Increase net worth 
  • Once you purchase, you will be emailed confirmation and you can email me back to let me know if you are here for a specific questions regarding your financial situation or if you just want to hear what messages come through for you and I will get to work right away for you.  
  • A Psychic Reading consist's of using an average of around 5 decks of cards, this enables a deeper and longer reading for you.

  • Your Audio Psychic Reading will be delivered to your email inbox  in Audio Mp3 format so you can listen to it over and over again

  • A photo of the cards that I have pulled for you in your reading

  • You may also receive audio meditations created by me, that may support you in your Psychic Reading


**All payments are in USD
**USD$97 equates to approx AUD$130 
**Payments may show on bank statement as Stripe or New Kajabi

What People Are Saying:

“For giving her nothing to go off of, it was almost scary how on point the reading was for me. Not only was it dead on, but it was completely in depth, precise and quite detailed. The reading seemed to cover things going on in my life that nobody even had a clue about. While it was beautiful and refreshing to see this type of power at work it was also eye opening. I knew buried down I had some major demons from my past and also other past lives. She was able to bring these things to the surface in a very clear concise way. It was a very eye opening and beautiful experience that I'm thoroughly glad I allowed her to do. I have been working with her back and forth a little bit and she brings a very powerful presence to the table in which I would highly encourage anyone to try. I will certainly be working with her in the future as it is rare you meet a person in this type of healing that brings a valid presence.”

Matt Ball


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Psychic Money Reading

Reality Awareness

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