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Monthly Subscription

Brownstone Training and Education

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I understand this monthly training with Brownstone is an ongoing training program that I can cancel at anytime. I will receive a video every month in my members section, as well as instructions for submitting questions, weekly live coaching calls, access to Masterminds as long as I am enrolled in the program. I understand that if I cancel, I will no longer be billed, but that previous months' charges are not refundable. I can cancel anytime by writing to

This Agreement for education and training as to residential redevelopment projects is outlined in the following manner:

The following are the responsibilities of Fast Track Coaching within this Agreement:
Fast Track Coaching further agrees to conduct on a weekly basis one Fast Track call (“Office Hours”) and grant the student access to the same call as a way of answering questions from the various members about residential redevelopment projects.
Fast Track Coaching further agrees to create and deliver, on a monthly basis, content-related video training in the area of residential redevelopment projects.

Fast Track Coaching agrees to conducting a "Deal of the Month" Case Study on a monthly basis
Fast Track Coaching further agrees to conduct, on a quarterly basis, a Mastermind meeting of its various students at different levels and experience, and grants access to this Mastermind meeting to the Fast Track Coaching students with the understanding that the Fast Track Coaching Online students, while they can attend and listen, are not allowed to participate or ask questions (“fly-on-the-wall” access).

The following are the responsibilities of the Fast Track Coaching Member within Agreement:

The Fast Track Coaching Member will access, review, and study all of the available recorded training sessions as often as necessary to further their understanding of residential real estate investing, and in particular, redevelopment/rehabbing.
The Fast Track Coaching Member will be available to attend, on a weekly basis, the one Fast Track call (“Office Hours”).  The Fast Track Coaching Member will be able to submit questions in advance of this call in the proper format and forum so their questions can be answered during the call.
The Fast Track Coaching Member will be available to attend a quarterly Mastermind meeting wherein they will have access to attend and listen, with the understanding that they cannot verbally participate or ask questions.

The undersigned member understands that real estate investing has inherent risks, and Fast Track Coaching makes no guarantees to the success of their joint venture members.  Success in real estate comes from hard work and diligent effort, but can be affected by market conditions that may change quickly and without warning.

The undersigned assumes all risk associated with using the materials provided by Fast Track Coaching, and any liability that may come in assuming the Project Manager role.