Food Lover's Diet II

$19.00 USD

What You'll Get In Food Lover's Diet II

  • Simple plan step-by-step and give you the resources & knowledge needed to make flexible dieting work for you
  • Suggested macronutrient amounts to hit for you
  • Learn how to keep the weight off for good
  • Sample meal plans based off of your body type
  • Learn how to burn through belly fat while eating the foods you love
  • Optimal meal structuring layout for you

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying:

“I was able to lose over 30 lbs by the end of the contest and had a great experience working with Flexible Dieting coaches. I’ve achieved my goals and I would recommend anyone that is looking for nutritional guidance, training guidance, contest preparation, or weight loss/gain purposes. ”


“I can’t say enough how blessed I was to be introduced to Flexible Dieting earlier. I eat the foods I want. YES…..carbs…YES ice cream etc! I truly do!”


“"I have gone from a starting weight of 228 lbs. down to 197 lbs. Along with this 31 lb. weight loss I have also drastically improved my blood sugar (I’m Type 1 diabetic) and improved my overall health!"”


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