Beginner's Guide To Photography

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 Relaxed, video based training for any amateur photographer wishing to understand the fundamentals of photography and master their camera.

Module #1 Setting up your camera
Module #2 Focussing
Module #3 Exposure
Module #4 White Balance
Module #5 File Types
Module #6 Inspiration
Module #7 File Storage & Backups
Module #8 Equipment
Module #9 Basic Editing
Module #10 Summary

What People Are Saying:

“This course was perfect for helping me to start to understand how to take a good photograph with a digital SLR camera. I already love photography, but get frustrated with not understanding the settings that I need to use on my camera to get consistently good images. This course took me back to basics and built up step by step the knowledge that I need to start getting it right. My camera now comes everywhere with me, even to work, just in case I see something that I want to photograph. Adrian is a fabulous coach, patient, understanding and approachable. I highly recommend this course to anyone starting out with digital SLR photography.”

Sarah Moorcroft

“Next to purchasing a DSLR camera, watching and applying the ~8-hours of material in this course is the next best investment anyone could make in their photography. Although pitched at beginners, I have no hesitation in highly recommending this course to any amateur who wishes to genuinely master all the fundamentals of photography and their camera controls and put them into practice in full manual, with complete confidence.”

Tim Matthews

“I'll be honest, I was a bit reluctant to splash the cash on an online course like this, it seemed a lot of money as I only got my DSL camera out on special occasions, full auto all the way. On signing up I figured I was going to milk this for my everything I could and joined all the groups and get my monies worth. Overall I spent a hour or two a day watching the informative tutorials giving me the pure nuts and bolts without the technobabble followed with a bit of a practice, half way through I had learnt quite a lot but my manual images were still hit and miss. Around Day 5 the penny dropped, everything had come together and my photos now compete quite nicely with others, even on my antique DSL Camera! My family and friends have become very interested in my new images, I know how to tackle different photography in different situations and really can't leave my camera alone. With my new confidence and understanding of how much more you can get out of a camera when you take control its totally given me a new lease of life for my camera and I. I want to say a massive thank you to Adrian, I contacted him daily with questions and bombarded the facebook group with images and he really helped me though the course.”

Wayne Ashton


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Beginner's Guide To Photography

Adrian Salisbury Training

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