Mastering Business Analysis Complete Training

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  • 18+ hours of detailed video content designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to elicit, analyze, and document requirements for waterfall and agile projects.
  • Over 35 downloadable resources
  • Multiple FREE E-books - you'll receive a copy of our entire e-book library on business analysis 

What People Are Saying:

“I purchased this training as soon as I heard it was available - this is exactly what I needed! Thank you for putting this together for us. Even though I have a job as a BA, there are a lot of things I know I could be better at and even though I just started, this course is already helping me.”

Mark H.

“I was getting interviews, but I wasn't getting offers. After speaking with Teresa I realized I wasn't confident about BA tasks as I should have been and that was coming across in the interviews. I took the Mastering Business Analysis with Waterfall and Agile Methods training and got a BA position shortly after completing the training - thank you Teresa for helping me!”

Lisa J.


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Mastering Business Analysis Complete Training

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