Mom & Pop Apartments, Converting To Cash Machines (Gift)


This course will teach you how to acquire a valuable multifamily asset at the right price. You will learn what a “Mom and Pop” apartment is, a term that we invented to describe underperforming multifamily assets. It is our niche within a niche.

Multifamily properties are where you should be investing to create wealth and generate passive income, and mom and pops are that niche within a niche.

Learn how to locate, analyze, reposition and create massive value from underperforming multi family real estate.

✓  This course is ideal for a beginning investor who has no knowledge of managing multifamily real estate.

✓  Also, this course is ideal for an investor who is currently investing in real estate but wants to implement a proven, result oriented and highly profitable system.

✓  Ideal for any real estate investor who wants to enter the lucrative apartment sector and buy with confidence.

 ➜  Learn a proven framework on spotting value in multifamily assets and purchasing them at the right price.

 ➜  Once you buy right, learn how to follow our three step repositioning framework to increasing revenue and decreasing expenses.

 ➜  Learn to identify underperforming properties, and how to recognize and engage motivated sellers, the key to any bargain in real estate.

 ➜  Discover the opportunities that you have overlooked in your own market, and start looking at problems in a property as potential moneymakers.

 ➜  Learn the characteristics of a mom and pop and why you need to be investing in them.

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