Hardcore Editing

$197.00 USD

See exactly how the pros edit for quantized drums that feel great, tight guitars that don’t sound robotic, and transparently tuned vocals - without taking forever to do it.

  • DRUMS: Three in-depth drum editing videos showing you exactly how to edit drums for three different songs, ranging from simple to complex.
  • GUITAR & BASS: Learn how the pros actually get that insanely tight guitar sound and the proper technique for combining takes and fixing timing
  • VOCALS: Learn how to tune vocals transparently and fix timing on melodic vocals, scream vocals, layers and harmonies. 

PLUS these bonuses:

  • How to track guitars in small sections & edit on the fly (bonus lesson)
  • How to tune vocals with Melodyne (bonus lesson)
  • Download the raw, unedited drum tracks I used in each of the videos to follow along & practice in your DAW (also includes final drums & stems for reference)
  • Raw singing tracks & stems to practice tuning & editing melodic vocals
  • Live Training playback: How to edit drums without a click track + Q&A Hangout ($200 value)


If this course doesn’t improve your editing skills or speed up your editing process, you deserve to get your money back. 

This course shows you all the editing processes that I’ve refined over 10 years and on countless tracks of all types. You won’t find anything else out there that will teach you better techniques than what you’ll find here. 

There's only one condition: you have to actually go through the course material. I'm not interested in serving you with my products if you won't take yourself seriously.  

That said, if you don’t learn anything new and this course doesn’t make you a better, faster, more confident editor, simply email me within 30 days for a full refund.

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