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Here's What You're About To Discover In The Write, Send, Collect Course Today... 

Day 1: How to build a foundation for your new email marketing business by acquiring all the crucial tools and resources necessary. You’ll even get a 30 day free trial for some of the tools so you won’t be out of pocket a single cent.

Day 2: How to pinpoint exactly what to sell and discover a variety of other lucrative offers that you can sell as well. You’ll also get access to the same networks we use to sell thousands of affiliate programs.

Day 3. How to create a highly converting lead magnet that will gain subscribers day in and day out.

Day 4. How to create the most effective and easy landing pages that will be published in a matter of minutes. No waiting around trying to custom code websites and annoying web building tools that turn your hair grey.

Day 5. How to write red-hot subject lines that almost force your viewers to open your emails. These subject lines will help you stand out from the herd of horrible emails that litter the inbox.

Day 6. How to write emails that will entertain and inspire people instead of annoy them. People will actually look forward to getting emails from you.

Day 7. How to stay legal and compliant with all your email practices. Too many people are doing it wrong and illegally and I will not let that happen to you.

Day 8. How to leverage current events so you can always stay topical and fresh. This will also make sure you always have something to write about.

Day 9. How and when you should email your lists. The answer just may shock you!

Day 10. The very best traffic sources to maximize your email profits.

Day 11. How to install analytics and tracking so you can monitor and assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Day 12. Why language matters and how to use the language that matches your exact market.

Day 13. How to handle customer service like a pro to ensure your subscribers and customers are as happy as a clam.

Day 14. Questions and Answers Day. You’ll discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions and you’ll be able to submit any of your questions as well.


Bonus #1: Access To My Personal Mastermind Group

Bonus #2: Four separate speaking engagement videos where I spill my guts on what’s worked for me over the last decade.

Bonus #3: Internet Marketing Documentary that goes behind the scenes of some of the most successful internet marketers and tells their back stories along with success stories.

Bonus #4: Access to our affiliate program so you can make money referring the same program you just went through.


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