Elite Program

$1,997.00 USD every month

Start earning big profits with Crypto this month!

This program is not for your average trader or investor!

I only recommend this program for those with portfolios in excess of $10,000 that are DEDICATED to put the time in to learn, practice, and trade. 

If you are a brand new trader, this will teach you the right habits and strategies from the start! It is much better to learn correctly than to have to unlearn your bad habits first. 

If you are an experienced trader that is either losing, breaking even, or just not happy with their returns, we will break down your losing patterns and habits and replace them with winning ones that will make you money month after month, so long you stay true to them. 

This is a service that cannot be scaled, hence we only offer this to select students a month, at a premium. 

This coaching requires trading to be at least one of your top 4 priorities. 

This is not for dabblers. 

This is for people that want to get serious, and as a result make serious money.

Once you sign up we will schedule our kick-off call within 48 hours to get you on the fast track. This kick-off call is in addition to your weekly calls!

If you have any questions about this program, send our headcoach a message directly at felixohartmann@gmail.com 


Aside our 1-1 coaching, you will receive:

- Full Access to the ever-expanding Foundations of Crypto Trading Library (Monthly Basis)

- Join the expert circle of Crypto Trader Live, where we will be reviewing various crypto currencies every week in a live Webinar.

- A monthly 30 minute coaching call where we review your trades and identify bad trading habits and help you break them. 

- Join an exclusive online community on both Crypto Academy and Facebook where you can engage daily with other traders to find the best trades and investments

ABOUT CRYPTO TRADER LIVE, the #1 Crypto Trading Room

If you are committed to taking your trading to a whole new level, than this is for you. 

Every week we go LIVE for an hour and as a group analyse any and all coins you want us to look at. 

Be there when we spot the next big thing, and use the power of the group to hold yourself accountable. 


With a Crypto Trader Live subscription you will: 

- Find better trades

- Hear about the next big coin before they blow up

- Double check your analysis

- Connect with a group of dedicated traders that will hold you accountable

I'll see you in the trading room!


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Elite Program

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