NOURISH Nuggets (Bite-sized nutrition!)

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Prepare for Take-Off!

  • It's time to discover what you are REALLY hungry for!
  • Inside you'll find The NOURISH Course deilvered via bite-sized nuggets!
  • Grab your copy of the course texbook here: NOURISH
  • Enjoy one (1) year access to the Eat MORE & Exercise LESS Club—home of the NOURISH Approved EVERYTHING Library! Including our ever growing RECIPE Library!!
  • Enjoy community support in our exclusive Eat MORE & Exercsie LESS Community Facebook group:

If you need anything at all, email me at See you inside!

Stay curious,

Cait Lynch

Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

RR #5, Warkworth Ontario K0K3K0


What People Are Saying:

“"NOURISH: A system to learn and grow with—a life changer."”

Rob West, Accountant

“"I have dropped at least 2 sizes… Just by tweaking my food and becoming more aware."”

Holly Woods, Esthetician

““Cait’s nutrition coaching focuses on the needs and lifestyle of each individual. Her advice is grounded in real-life sustainable recommendations that guide each person to choose the nutritious whole foods that work for them, at that time, in that moment or stage of their life. There are no lotions, potions, or magic pills. This is the real thing. An opportunity to get off of the diet merry-go round and choose health and vitality."”

NP Samantha Dalby, Nurse Practitioner, RN-EC, PHCNP, BscN, BA-Hons.

““I needed to fix my guts. My second brain needed help. My digestion, sleep (with and without a partner) my energy have drastically improved. Staying curious to find my tipping points (fibre in my case), I decided to keep Cait in my corner one more round–seeing things like jeans, real jeans, become looser and lose the muffin top was and is a complete bonus. Cait's BOOT CAMP 2.0 is the best gift to yourself and YOU ARE WORTH IT.” ”

Stephanie Kelly-Mitchell, Optician

““NOURISH gave me an entirely new perspective on healthy food and how it makes a difference in your well-being. The improved energy and stamina that I feel today, at age 61, are a direct result of applying the principles of NOURISH, and I am very thankful.” ”

Judd Gilks, Retired Internet Technician

““Nourish changed my whole life. My marriage, finances, work relationships and my overall being all got better when my nutrition got better. A life changer for me.” ”

Charlene Wells, Veterinary Technician

““In 6 weeks, I lost 14 pounds of fat and gained 11 pounds of muscle. Everything fit better, I slept deeply, I woke rested, my anxious mind had substantially calmed itself, I had energy all day long, my skin was glowing, my eyes were bright, and I had the most amazing sense of well-being. I have always been skeptical of weight loss and nutrition programs, but can honestly say NOURISH was the missing piece of the puzzle that has changed my life.””

Pam Vorkapic, Law Clerk


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NOURISH Nuggets (Bite-sized nutrition!)

Coaching with Cait Lynch

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If you're not satisfied with the results from the NOURISH Course including more restful sleep, a leaner body and sky rocketing energy—after 60 days, you can request a full refund.

I will ask to see the coursework you've completed and your food logs to be sure that you've been following along with the program. After all, learning is a two-way street!


Cait Lynch

Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

RR #5, Warkworth Ontario K0K3K0