Men's Ultimate Transformation Workout Bundle

$79.00 USD

Men's Ultimate Physique Transformation Workouts

This is not just for people who are “new” to metabolic training. This is also great for experienced lifters who are looking to optimize their workout plan.

If you have ever felt like you were spinning your wheels in the gym with minimal results, this will be great for you.

So, whether you’re just getting started or just getting back into it, this bundle is a fantastic way to start getting lean and improve your strength so you can keep progressing.

Lose Fat, Bust Through Plateaus, Gain Muscle

What you get with this workout plan:

  • 28 weeks worth of workouts to burn the fat off without tearing down muscle.
  • Every exercise, set, and reps laid out for you in detail. 
  • Cardio recommendations included each week along with adjustments
  • A full visual training exercise index to demonstrate how to do each exercise so you never have to go into a workout not knowing how to perform any exercise!
  • Three to four days a week worth of workouts each week.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Flexible Dieting coaches guided me every step of the way through my weight loss journey, they were patient and explained everything to me any time I had questions they were always available. I'm off of a lot of my medications and feel healthier and I'm happier.”


“I have gone from a starting weight of 228 lbs. down to 197 lbs. Along with this 31 lb. weight loss I have also drastically improved my blood sugar (I’m Type 1 diabetic) and improved my overall health!”


“...nothing compares to the knowledge and attention to detail that Flexible Dieting has shown me in the short 6 months of coaching.”


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