Reach Millions Monthly

$97.00 USD every month

Welcome to our Signature Marketing Coaching Program for thought leaders. Every session is a deep dive into the Action Plan of the Month. 

Action Plans are short, but comprehensive step-by-step tutorials designed to teach you how to:

  • Publish & promote your book
  • Create high-converting webinars
  • Create & launch your online courses
  • Sell your products & services from the stage
  • Design effective lead magnets
  • Replicate "winner" landing pages
  • Shoot engaging video content
  • Write blog posts that grow your list
  • Launch your membership site
  • Deploy automated email marketing campaigns
  • Run Facebook ads
  • Create a digital marketing growth plan for your business
  • Amplify your content with social media


Each session is a live 2-hour video training "deep dive" to help you learn and implement one critical digital marketing skill necessary for business success today! 

Bottom Line: this is a virtual training session with me once a month where you come to learn the latest strategies, tactics, techniques and tools to grow your business.

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