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Obligatorisk opplæring og eventuell dataintegrasjon (API) tilkommer!

Betalingen er for det laveste antall lisenser x 12 måneder. En representant fra Improve vil ta kontakt med deg for avtaleinngåelse der korrekt antall lisenser og definering av obligatorisk opplæring vil bli spesifisert. 

What People Are Saying:

“Cisco becomes # 1 – Strategy Execution – Customer and Employee Satisfaction Named in Cisco HQ in San Francisco about our three year Management Training. “In early 2003, the business is not as it should be. Order intake in Norway was slightly declining, and customer and employee-satisfaction was lower in Norway than in other countries in Northern Europe. The management group was relatively new and had a need to get better acquainted with each other. We also needed to create a common vision and strategy for operations in Norway, built on shared values to create new engagement and bring business back to growth. We committed ResultPartner to assist us with the process of developing the management team and strategy for the company. Based on a new and thorough SWOT analysis, a new Leadership definition and new team values established an ambition to double orders within three years and to reach the highest customer satisfaction and the highest employee satisfaction for Cisco in Northern Europe. We established goals and action plans for the Norwegian organization. We broke down the goals of the individual departments and individual employees. In this way, each employee’s contributions and responsibilities clear to everyone.This award went to those who demonstrated depth and breadth of training offered, innovative offerings, the ability to customize offerings, and the strength of client satisfaction. BR Jørgen Myrland. Former CEO.””

Jørgen Myrland. CEO Cisco Systems

“# 1 Customer Satisfaction Index 4 out of 5 Years ResultatPartner has been a trusted Partner of BMW Norway. During the years 2005-2013 we developed and run tailored BMW Academy Training for Managers in Sales and Service as well as Salesrepresentatives and customer services throughout all Dealerships in Norway. Tailored and measurable Trainings with top management as well as buying from sales and service in addition to clear KPIs, goals, follow up and measuring performance; were all part of the success-factors. In 2005 BMW was ranked at 8th Place at the Norwegian Customer Satisfaction Surveys. During Our 5 year training; BMW become # 1 4 out of 5 year – and they still are! ”

John Parrington Hansen. BMW Norge. Direktør Ettermarked.

“From # 7 till ” 1 Customer Excellence Flytoget (The Norwegian Express Train towards the Airport) struggled years ago with customer complaints and instability of precision. ResultatPartner was hired along with some other consultancy agency and we provided a 3 year tailored process based on Personal Growth and Development, Leadership and Management Training, TeamBuilding as well as getting corporate values, business idea, goals, strategies and vision become a part of their daily work. Each and every commitment as well as close attention to motivational KPI`s and Feedback; was the key to become # 1 on both Customer Satisfaction as well as High Ranked on Great Place to Work. Flytoget is still # 1. ”

Oscar Engeli. Direktør IT.



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