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Your half-day intensive workshop with Maya includes the powerful methodology and tools you'll use to transform and ultimately END your emotional eating permanently, through habit and behavior change.

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What People Are Saying:

“I am amazed by your philosophy on our relationship with food. I have never considered it in this light but I think you are spot on!”


“I experienced this class to be incredibly helpful and the content definitely dialed my number spot on!”


“Why is it that you always get me to cry!? lol I think that’s a good thing – with most people I’m on emotionally lock down, but with you I’ve able to break down those barriers and open up.”


“I hit some deep issues that I had not seen before. (lost 2 pounds this week....right direction ;-)”


“The exercise you taught was a huge blessing. Especially this week. Fear is deeply ingrained and I used the exercise to help me get through it.”



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$47 Workshop Ticket

Healthy Habit Solutions

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I have read, understand and agree to the investment I am making in myself. I acknowledge there is no refunds for this class should I not be able to attend, forget to attend or simply do not show up. I also acknowledge that I will only not be able to attend any other class date other than the one I sign up for. 

I have also read, understand and agree to the policies and disclosures at Healthy Habit Solutions, like the fact that Maya is not my doctor and cannot diagnose or treat disease. Last but not least, as much as I wish there was a magic pill available, I realize that this class is NOT my magic pill and I am ready to dive in with an open heart and open mind.