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  • ✓ Hard(er) To Kill: 6-Week GPP Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ One Bar Blaze: 4-Week Barbell Program ($49 value)
  • ✓ Foundation: 4-Week Foundational Program ($49 value)
  • ✓ Red Pill: 3-Week Bodyweight Program ($37 value)
  • ✓ Gravity: 3-Week Squat Program ($37 value)
  • ✓ Strength & Engine: 5-Week Program ($59 value)
  • ✓ Better Human: 6-Week Well-Rounded Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ Basic Training: 6-Week Basic Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ Be the Elephant: 6-Week Olympic Power Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ Tree Trunk: 3-Week Squat Every Day Program ($37 value)
  • ✓ Insomniac: 7-Week Olympic Power Program ($87 value)
  • ✓ The Ultimate WOD Log ($21 value)
  • ✓ Community Facebook Group ($47/mo value)
  • ✓ HD Video Library ($67 value)
  • ✓ Healthy Recipes ($47 value)
  • ✓ 21-Day Mindset Course (priceless)

What People Are Saying:

“I do a lot of obstacle course racing & I feel stronger & faster every time I race. When I started, I couldn't do a strict bodyweight pull-up without bands & now I can string 4-5 together at a time. I really can't say enough! I love the podcast. I love your articles. I'm always looking forward to what you come up with next. Keep bringing amazing things!”

Coree Rountree

“The website and community are very user-friendly. It allows you to enter the weight lifted and records it so you can always go back and look at your progress. There are also video links for each lift so you can be sure you are using correct form. Whether you are an experienced or just starting out this program is well worth the time and money.”

Caleb McCoy

“Jerred delivers. I can always find time to fit in the workouts. They are structured to give you intensity and hard work in a structured way that will change you. Equipment required is minimal, and can always be scaled or substituted. An hour or so a day, with commitment, and you will see results.”

Douglas Alexander


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