DSLR Savvy December 2016 Offer


Sorry. This offer has expired. Look for the course again later in 2017!


  • Do you ever feel guilty about having spent all that money on a camera you're barely using? Or are at least not using to its potential?
  • Do you feel like you miss important shots because you can't get your camera's settings right?
  • Are too many of your shots out of focus?
  • Is your schedule too crazy to fit in an in-person workshop?
  • Do you worry about attending a group workshop because you don't think you'll be able to keep up with the rest of the class?
  • Do you keep quiet (and confused) in group classes because you don't want to ask a question that you think makes you look stupid?

Complete this program, and you'll finally be able to feel justified in having purchased that awesome DSLR that's been sitting in the corner gathering dust while you've been using your phone to capture all your important moments!

With this online program, you can make it work around your schedule, instead of the other way around.

Keeping up with the class is not a problem here. You can pause the videos as you go through the hands-on portions, so you don't need to worry about slowing down the class (or alternatively, waiting for the slow pokes to catch up with you!).

Looking stupid in front of others won't be an issue with this class! Just ask a question in the discussion boards, and I'll happily answer it. Truth is, I've taught this material to hundreds of people in person, and have heard the same questions so many times, that there's a very strong chance I've already anticipated your questions and answered them within the course.

Join me in this program to learn how to start taking creative control of your DSLR camera so you can start to capture the beauty you see before you in the way you want to capture it, not the way the camera wants to capture it!

I'll take you step-by-step through hands-on exercises to help you really get to know your camera and its capabilities, without bogging you down with info you don't need.

In this self-paced course, you'll gain tremendous confidence with your camera, and will learn:

  • How to get those beautiful blurry backgrounds everyone loves.
  • How to creative capture motion with fast and slow shutter speeds.
  • How to get properly exposed photos that aren't too dark or too light.
  • How to get more of your images in crisp, sharp focus.
  • How to consistently get good color.
  • When to use flash, and when you can get away without it.
  • The purpose of all those various buttons and knobs!


No prior photography knowledge is needed to take this course. You just need access to a DSLR camera!

If you want to learn how to make sense of your DSLR camera and your owners manual just isn't cutting it, this class is for you. I assume no prior photography experience. 

My students are:

  • New DSLR owners
  • Parents
  • Pet owners
  • People with blogs
  • People with Etsy shops
  • People who are heading on vacation
  • People who need to know how to use a camera for work
  • People who've had a DSLR for a while and finally want to really understand how to use it

The course is relevant for all makes of DSLRs, but Nikon and Canon owners make up the bulk of my students, and therefore my experience with DSLR cameras, so most of my references will be related to how to use those cameras. I am a long time Nikon user, so I am a little biased toward Nikons, but I seem to teach more Canon users than Nikon users since Canons seem to be a bit more prevalent among consumers -- at least in my classes.

And if you happen to own a Sony DSLR, I find them to be absolutely the most user-friendly cameras of the bunch. My classes are frequently made up of all Canon and Nikon users, with a lone Sony user sitting in the corner who rarely has to ask me how to change a setting due to the more intuitive interface.


  • Intro
  • Camera Basics
  • Lenses
  • Intro to Exposure
  • Hands-on with Exposure
  • Focusing
  • White Balance
  • More Buttons & Settings
  • Intro to Flash
  • Wrap Up

(The following are the testimonials students submitted to Living Social after attending my in-person group workshops. I took these in-person classes and put that content online for you!)

“Mary Lynne is a great instructor. Her class was interactive and instructions were easy to understand.”

“... a great instructor.”

“AMAZING!!! ... Your pictures will be transformed after one class!”

“I’ve had two other photography classes but they didn’t come close to the quality of this one. Highly recommended!”

“Her class was all that I expected from her and more. Mary Lynne is a great teacher!”

“I thought the workshop was great. She helped us to understand all the features our cameras have to offer. Learned about setting my ISO, shutter speed and aperture. She was very knowledgeable and would recommend this class to anyone who has just bought a new camera.”

“Loved it! Was just what I needed to get started with my new dSLR. :)”

“She is very knowledgable and helped me understand my complicated camera in a very simple manner. I will definitely take more classes from her!”

“Well paced class for learning how to use your own camera’s features. Great info & tips.”

“It was such a great class. learned so much!!!”

“Great class. I’ve had my digital SLR for 10 years and still learned quite a bit about what my camera can do and how to use it more effectively.”


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DSLR Savvy December 2016 Offer

Photography Coaching with Mary Lynne Ashley