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  • About These Classes: These classes were recorded in a warehouse-studio on an iPhone, produced and edited minimally. The sound is a bit echoey, background noises include toddler screams, freight trucks unloading, comments and questions from students at the class. Katy may move out of the frame occasionally. The class is taught to the students who are there, in person, so it is not made as a perfect presentation to the camera. You may hear Katy responding to a question that you couldn’t hear.

    In other words, this is more like looking in on a live class with Katy, and less like a polished exercise video. As you would expect, the classes are excellent, casual, fun, mind- and body- opening. These are the type of classes that Katy built her career on, and that she most enjoys teaching. Keeping the production value low means these classes can be shot and put up on the web quickly and easily, so we can keep making them easily accessible to you.

    If you would prefer a more polished exercise video, Nutritious Movement offers plenty of those too, just click here.


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Virtual Classes Membership

Nutritious Movement's Virtual Class Membership

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Virtual exercise class memberships are billed monthly using the credit card information you've provided. You can cancel any time. Each membership is for a single person/household. Please don't share your membership with others. Information given in classes may not be copied, recorded or redistributed without written permission.

Movement is not inherently dangerous; however, every person is starting from a unique place. Consider our suggestions on reading before beginning classes and consult with your personal health care team about the suitability of these classes for you, personally. Statements made on this website or in classes are not meant to replace or negate medical advice, and no one should use them that way. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your health professionals.