Recover with Small Groups Online Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of $175.00 USD

Included: 10 part video series • 4 Small Groups Online sessions • Recovered by Hope physical book • Recover physical guidebook • Plus over $1,000 in bonus materials

As soon as you submit payment you will have single-user immediate access. A welcome email will also come right away with a login to access your workshops.

What People Are Saying:

“These videos were so helpful and healing for me!! I could hear all my thoughts in these precious brave women who are sharing from such a painful place. I could hear the pearls that they have found in the pain. Their vulnerability and tears brought hope to me! It has been a long hard, lonely painful journey. God has been ever so faithful to hold me thru it. This was a priceless answer to heart-wrenching prayers!”


“I’ve just received the Recover workshop and watched Craig’s intro video. I’m in tears. I believe these materials will touch spouses' lives in profound and life-changing ways. Thank you for all the time and energy you’ve invested in this project. I’m eager to promote it and beyond thrilled to be part of sharing these tools to help women find companionship, hope, and healing on their individual journeys.”

Kim B.

“This series is thoughtful, well laid out and tackles many of the challenges women face being married to a sex addict. Gone are the days when the spouse is misunderstood. This workshop challenges women to discover who they are in the midst of uncertainty while leaving them filled with hope and new possibilities.”

Andrea T.

“Recover helped me get past the pain of my husband’s porn addiction and showed me a better way to find personal healing. I always thought I was alone in this … that there was something wrong with me. But now I know the truth, and this workshop has shown me a clear path to my own personal recovery.”

Katie O.

“I cried. I laughed. I remembered. I mourned. I rejoiced. I connected. I related. I got more healing! By the end of this series, I felt I had gained some powerful friendships. Normally it would take years of building a relationship to reach this kind of closeness where someone is willing to reveal so much pain and triumph. These women have given us a rich gift, and I am better for it. I believe Recover will benefit any woman: married, engaged, dating, single – mothers, sisters, friends. There is such wisdom to be gained. Although the circumstances are different for each woman, they all shared early red flags that should be recognized and that we would do well to pay attention to. What heartache could be spared so many of us if this were a part of pre-marital counseling (or even earlier in a relationship – pre-dating maybe!).”

Anne T.

“The Recover videos are beautiful, poignant, real, touching, heartbreaking ... and will be such a tremendous help and gift and comfort to any women walking that painful path. I have cried during each video thus far, and that is a good thing because it stirred up memories and tremendous compassion for ladies still in the midst. ... it's so gentle yet so raw and so real.”



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Recover with Small Groups Online Payment Plan


Subtotal 3 monthly payments of $175.00 USD
Due Now $175.00 USD

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to those found here.

Payment Plan:

I understand that although I am only paying $199 today, there is a 3 payment commitment for this program and if my payment information should change it is my responsibility to contact the Recover team with new payment information for the duration of my installments.  

I am legally bound by this agreement to this payment plan. 


I understand that this purchase is for single-user access not to be used for teaching or group settings or shared use. Using the single-user workshop for multiple users/ groups and or teaching purposes violates both our terms of use as well as potential copyright violation. 

Small Groups:

By signing up for a group I acknowledge the following:

  • Small Groups Online is a service that utilizes “group packs” or credits. Each credit is good for one small group session and can be purchased from or with a bundled workshop purchase.
  • Cancellation must be received by Small Groups Online more than 12 hours in advance of your group meeting time or you will lose your credit.
  • A valid credit card must remain on file for billing purposes.
  • Small Groups Online is not a professional or pastoral counseling service.
  • I am paying for access to a support group that is comprised of people of similar circumstances discussing issues in their lives for purposes of community and support, not for counseling or professional services.
  • Anything discussed within group or any suggestions/recommendations made within the group are the express opinions of those individuals only, and not Fireproof Ministries.
  •, or No guarantees are made regarding any of the information or suggestions you receive during group sessions. Any action or lack of action I take in connection with these opinions and/or suggestions is my option & I do not hold Fireproof Ministries,,, their employees, subcontractors, representatives, and/or volunteers responsible for my actions.
  • As such, I waive all claims that can be made against Fireproof Ministries,, or any of their representatives for the advice or actions I may receive during group sessions.
  • If anything is said in group that gives the impression that a child or any other person is at risk of endangerment, exploitation, and/or abuse such information must be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities per state or federal guidelines.  This includes the possession, sale or distribution of child pornography.   Such action is mandated by law.
  • If anything is shared in group that gives the impression I am at risk of harming myself or another person such information will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities per state or federal guidelines.  This will be done regardless of mandated laws.
  • I have read and understand the above terms and agree to its provisions. I am not under their influence of any drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants. I am not suffering from any illness or incapacity. I am over 18 years of age.