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“Julius has a very down to earth personality that is motivating through just being a normal bloke. He's not the stereotypical trainer pretending they know what its like to have some fat. He's been there and he's able to relate how he left it behind. He's been very responsive to questions asked by the program participants. First time I asked a question, he responded within two hours. Great work J, I'm not even really finished the first week of exercises and have already lost a keg. The diet side of things is well explained and while tricky to get the balance right initially, its a 'set and forget' system when you get it right. And it really does work with kids!! All my kids are now doing more exercise/play with while I'm working out. They are enjoying the increased time spent with dad, even though I'm selfishly getting rid of my extra gut at the same time!”

Nathan H

“Julius is a truly inspired individual who just gets more and more excited as his clients get fitter. And then he feeds that excitement back you to keep you on track! And the program works so well! For the tiny amount I paid for Fit dad I have received back twenty fold in support from Julius and results - recommended for everyone”

Jai T

“Just starting my 6th week now, and can see nearly every part of my fitness has improved. I went from 105kg to 75kg a few years back and been working out since, but hit a plateau and just could not loose the last weight and get though abs showing, but since starting FitDad have starting to shred the weight and abs are almost there. Love doing every workout and love watching the videos, Julius is so laid back and put no pressure but to do your best, and they are real easy to follow. I would recommend FitDad to any dad (or even men without kids), even though you will be hurting sometimes, it is worth it for our families. Stay tuned for some awesome results in 2 more weeks!”

Caleb Bateman


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FitDad Online Program

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