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 As part of High Performance Monthly, you a LIVE training with Brendon every single month (plus the recordings). PLUS you get: 

  • BONUS #1: New Year's Day Strategy Seminar FREE (Value $500). This is a $500 FOUR-HOUR advanced training on how to strategically plan and achieve an EXTRAORDINARY 2017. You get free access to the recordings!
  • BONUS #2: Immediate Access to 3 Hours of High Performance Training Right Now! Want insights right now to help you break through to the next level? We've put three previous High Performance Monthly trainings in your members area, available immediately upon signup today! You'll get 3 trainings on how to progress faster, remove non-essentails, and finish the year strong!

Cancel anytime guarantee.
If you don't love the program, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails. You can cancel any month and you won't be billed again. However, a cancelation does not refund previous months charges because we delivered for you! Sounds fair, right? 

Let Brendon train you every month and have your best year possible. You deserve this kind of success training.

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