Freedom from Procrastination Membership Program - 2018

$33.00 USD every month

  • 4 CORE MODULES to help you learn how to leave procrastination behind for good
  • 2 LIVE Coaching Calls with Dr. Li each month
  • 2 LIVE 60' Worksprints with Dr. Li each month
  • Access to a private FACEBOOK GROUP for active members only
  • The (awesome) Membership Program community


What People Are Saying About Working With Dr. Li:

“Friday and Monday I pushed through my desire to give up and go home mid-day. Today, I ran an errand for a project I'm working on, and then came back to Facebook for 45 minutes. Then, I started work again. It's the overwhelming feeling of having too much to do that makes me procrastinate. And feel guilty about resting my brain. I've come to see it like my closet clean out. Some things are really necessary. Some things I've been holding on to because they look good, but aren't really for me anymore. Some new stuff I never should have bought because I wasn't in love with it at the store. And miraculously nothing happens when I bought it home. I'm starting to look at my professional (and personal) life with these same eyes. It all started with the closet clean out. I'm open to the possibilities...of not having so much to do, and not procrastinating as a way of managing my overburdened to do list, or managing my fear of not being good enough. ”


“I have been a chronic procrastinator for decades and have completely failed to overcome the problem despite all my efforts. I recently became desperate for some help as it was causing major difficulties in my life. After an internet search I eventually found Christine’s website and joined the Procrastination to Productivity program. After 28 days I feel have travelled a long way towards managing my difficulties, have acquired some valuable insights, am far less anxious and feel more optimistic about my future. The program suits me as it is very simple, you can participate in a variety of ways, be as anonymous as you wish, spend what time you are able to give and receive support from Christine and the rest of the group along the way. I have received valuable tips and support materials regularly and feel able to choose which seem most appropriate to me. A message to anyone with a problem with procrastination – if you commit to the program, follow it for a short time each day to the best of your ability and try to be honest about your progress, I am certain by the end of the 28 days you will notice a real difference. ”


“I first came across Christine’s Procrastination Coach blog and decided to try the Procrastination to Productivity Program because I was feeling overwhelmed with my current workload and couldn’t seem to get started. I found it so helpful to check in each day and express some of the emotions that were fueling my procrastination. Christine and the other members of the group were extremely supportive and provided a lot of feedback to overcome the challenges we were all facing. Highly recommended!”


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Freedom from Procrastination Membership Program - 2018 $33.00 USD every month
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Note: This is a recurring membership program. You will be billed automatically each month that you remain in the membership program. If you would like to discontinue your membership, please do so by e-mailing Dr. Li your request, anytime before the next billing occurs. Once the billing has taken place for the next month, there will be no refund provided for that month's membership fee.