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When you join the exclusive MFIA Owner Forum, the most comprehensive real estate training for Multifamily Investing on the Internet today, here are some of the programs you will have instant access to:

  • Instant and Direct Access to Attorney Dobens
  • MFIA Equity Assist Program
  • Proof of Funds Letter
  • Twelve months of Multifamily Lessons
  • Over a year's worth of the MFIA Offer Writing Workshop series 
  • Instant Access to the MFIA Private Money Training 
  • The MFIA Resources and Archives site with hundreds of video tutorials, template documents, training courses, recordings, etc.
  • Weekly live group coaching calls with all the members of the group (Now Recorded and Archived)
  • Membership in the Owner Forum WhatsApp group
  • Access to up to $50,000 in the MFIA Earnest Money Deposit Program
  • Access to qualified Key Principals to help you close your deals
  • Doug Rutherford CPA's Landlord CashFlow Analyzer software*
  • Access to the 4-part MFIA Due Diligence Seminar Training program (a $997 Value)
  • Instant Access to the Birddogging, Master Lease Option and Earnest Money Deposit training videos
  • and much, much more

 *If you opt out of  membership at the end of your trial period, you will forfeit $97 for the Cash Flow Analyzer software we purchased for you through a vendor.

Seriously, if you don't achieve your goals of buying multifamily property within the next twelve months after joining this program . . . . .take up needlepoint!

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MFIA Owner Forum Membership 7 Day Free Trial $697.00 USD every month
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